Kirsty Coltart Coaching

Hi and thank you for visiting my website. My name is Kirsty Coltart and I am a qualified Wellbeing Coach. I am passionate about our wellbeing given the stresses of modern day life and the impact that has on our contentment and health.  The key to fulfilment and happiness is to understand the symbiosis between a healthy mind and a healthy body. I spend my time teaching outdoor fitness classes and coaching with this in mind. Achieve a good balance of the two and life seems full of opportunities. Wellbeing coaching can enable you not only to overcome the challenges that life puts in your way, but more importantly to thrive and be your version of great.

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“Kirsty Coltart will make you believe that you can do anything you want to, that you will always do better and be better than you think you can; she will inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be, that you can reach any set goal.”

“Kirsty manages to get out of people what they don’t even believe they are capable of.”

“Her unbelievable motivation to encourage and inspire us brings you back week after week. I am not scared of pushing myself, like I used to be, and now, I want to challenge myself FOR MYSELF and not for anyone else.”

“Kirsty’s weekly emails are inspiring, motivating and help me to keep on track with family life, work and fitness.”

“Kirsty sends extremely motivating emails on a Monday that re-ignite my motivation every week. Her words just make sense and help one see through the fog and make you realise that your goal is achievable, whatever it may be.”