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“The 30 day health kickstart has been rescheduled due to various circumstances.  I am really looking forward to starting this again in the future”

Here are what some of the last 30 dayers said about their experience:

“I think I have taken two main things away from it – firstly to realise what the triggers are for my bad habits and secondly to make a positive choice and banish the guilt!”

“I have really enjoyed the experience and find myself thinking a lot more about what I eat, drink and do for my body rather than just running on auto pilot.”

“It has been eye-opening and really rewarding. Definitely the start of a journey to better things – thanks for all of it Kirsty and thanks to everyone for their support.”

“I have had a fantastic learning experience over the 30 days. I have trained my brain to make better choices for my body both in Food and in exercise and boy have I noticed a difference.  I feel fitter, leaner and more energised.”

“Thank you for getting me through the 30day challenge. Thank you for introducing me to some new healthy foods, and finding new ways to continue living more healthily.  I feel much better not doing the 5-2 diet, I am eating a lot more and have lost a couple of pounds!”

“Fantastic programme would recommend for anyone regardless of how big or small your goal(s) are. Makes you really think about your choices regarding a healthier lifestyle. Have broken some longstanding bad habits and feel so much better for it.”

“Just a quick note to say being part of this has been so rewarding, I would even say life changing.  I’m so enjoying feeling healthier I don’t think I’ll go back to how I was.”

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