Morning everyone,
I hope you’ve had a great week off.  
I was sitting round the table with a group of children last week when someone asked one of the children when their birthday was.  This was the gorgeous response: “Well, I don’t know when my next one is but my last one was on 5th February”. 
If someone were to ask you “When is your exercise-day?”, would you too answer that although you exercised last Thursday, you weren’t sure when the next workout would be?  Even though his response made me truly smile, it was also awful thinking that he didn’t know when his next birthday was.  He didn’t know when he was next going to have that delicious feeling of waking up all excited.  He didn’t know when he was next going to get a day of presents and cake.  He wasn’t sure when he was next going to have a party, race round and collapse in bed after an epic day.
Despite knowing all the presents that we will receive on an exercise-day we can often find it very difficult to commit to the next one.  We know we’ll feel better, we know our heart, lungs and mind will benefit, we know our day has more chance of being joyful rather than painful, we know we are fighting the ageing process, we know we’re building our defence against disease and yet we still try to dodge it.  Those who are fit know when they are next likely to exercise.  If you’re just starting out and it’s yet to be a natural part of your routine, mark your exercise days in your diary.  You may not wake up with that birthday excited feeling on your exercise-day but you will collapse into bed at the end of the day with wonderful satisfaction from a day of exercise achieved and perhaps even some well earned cake consumed!
Here’s to all your exercise-days!  Happy exercise-day and see you at the classes.
Ginny, Lucilla and Francesca ended classes with arms straight into an FD training top and Sarah Jarman and Gemma earned their hoodies.  You girls rock!
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