Through working with clients as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach, it became clear that it is not the lack of knowledge that prevents us from achieving our goals but very often it is our own barriers that stop us. To become fit and healthy the very simple equation is to move more and eat less. This is simple and yet incredibly difficult to achieve. I have had many successes with people overcoming their barriers and going on to live very fulfilling and healthy lives. As a result I have now trained as a Wellbeing Coach.

I have used an acorn as my logo because I have seen over and over the development of people who have accessed their potential, broken free from the constraints of negative thinking and embrace everything which life, in reality, can offer. Benefits for clients have ranged from improved health, taking a business to the next level, better family relations and professional development.

I believe that you can benefit from this vibrant, positive approach to life by conquering the type of perceived difficulties which are so often more illusory than real. My approach is holistic which is to say that I think it is important to look at all areas of our lives to ensure we have balance. Too much focus in one area can lead to suffering in another.

Click here to download and fill out The Wheel of Life to see how balanced your life is at the moment.

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“I had a very useful interaction with Kirsty which helped me to understand more about my personal objectives, what can be controlled and what is simply outside of my control. Working with her I have focused better and stopped worrying about issues that were dragging me down. ‎My head is clear and I have been able to face life challenges full on”

“Kirsty has an amazing gift to motivate, control the conversation and get results! She has managed to make me see that with a little more effort and a different angle things can be so much more easily managed at work – thereby freeing up more time for me to enjoy life! A perfect result don’t you think?! I would recommend Kirsty to anyone who is stuck and needs to either shift a gear, move on or just tweak things in your life – she is EXCELLENT!”

“Kirsty is full of life and has masses of positive energy which definitely gets passed onto her clients.”

“Having run my business over the last 14 years Kirsty has made me focus on areas of my business which have resulted in numerous new clients and provided me with a more focused approach to my company – thank you Kirsty, your sessions are inspirational.”

“Kirsty has helped me change for the long term. With her help, motivation and tools for success, I was able to change my behaviour regarding food, exercise and now have a long term healthier lifestyle. I have lost a great deal of weight, and have waved goodbye to yo-yo dieting. Thank you Kirsty for your inspiration and I would certainly recommend your methods to anyone else.”

” My coaching sessions with Kirsty have empowered me with a set of life skills I will carry with me always to use whenever I need focus and strength; only made possible due to Kirsty willing you to succeed with equal measure of kindness and motivation “

“I think you manage to get out of people what they don’t even believe they are capable of.”

“I see Kirsty for Life Coaching, and after only three sessions the difference is unbelievable. She has taught me to live in the moment via a mindfulness technique, in addition to this she has taught me tools to cope with difficult situations so that when they arise I know what to do and they don’t adversely affect me.”