I’ve been dipping in and out of Glastonbury over the weekend via radio and TV and I’m so cross with myself for having not got myself there.  I registered for tickets which is a bit of a performance and yet I still didn’t make it.  As well as our friends never getting round to registering (I’m cc’ing them in on this!), various arguments by different people were thrown at me to persuade me not to go and I let them, in the end, stop me.  “You’re too old.  It’s too muddy.  It’s not what it used to be.  It’s too big.  Too many people.  It’s too expensive.  It’s too mainstream.”  I had compelling counter arguments to all of it;  something along the lines of “I don’t care”!
Mostly in my life, if I say I’m going to do something I do it so I’m annoyed with myself for letting these things get in my way and not finding solutions.  As this week’s heatwave burns ahead of us, I wonder how many of you have seen your earlier good intentions go up in flames.  Did you promise yourself that this would be the year when you would go into the summer holidays fitter and in great shape, only to have allowed a variety of distractions and excuses get in your way?
The inescapable (and brutal) truth is that we can’t blame anything other than our own choices for not getting what we want.  Don’t be shaped by others and their opinions.  My promise to myself is that this time next year I will be emailing you saying “I’m sorry, I’m just too Glastonburied to email you all this Monday!”
If there’s something you want for your health and fitness, then put in place what you have to do to get it.  
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