Hot Wheels

So this is the last email til September and I’m writing it having just washed my car which is an annual event for me.  Washing a car regularly is as much of a waste of time to me as the time girls spend getting ready to go out.  Get your dress on, slick of mascara and let’s go!  I don’t really care what my car looks like on the outside as long as it gets me to the party on time.  However, once in a while I love a lengthy dressing up ritual; bath, make up, nail varnish, hair dryer.  This is just what’s happened to my car.  I have done everything from hoovering crushed crisps from footwells to wiping the steering wheel column.  If my car was Shane Warne, it has just been Liz Hurley’d!
My car is J reg and much loved by me and looking at it now makes me question whether I’ve been as careful as the proverbial previous one lady owner before me.  Despite being a bit sponge and suds shy, I am good at checking oil, water and tyre pressures so on balance I know the car is cared for.  This too is the point of you coming to the FD classes; you are ensuring that internally you are strong both mentally and physically.  It’s what’s going on inside that will give you a lengthy and full life not how shiny your hub caps look!  If you’re exercising regularly then you know you’re caring for your body even if externally it’s no showroom exhibit!
Enjoy your Summer, feed yourself well, keep your water topped up, exercise when you can and travel round with your sunroof open!  You all rock.  You’ve got fitter and leaner since September just as we’ve seen the village hall in Hurstbourne Tarrant be demolished and rebuilt into a veritable palace!
Go have a great time and I will really look forward to starting it all again in September.


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