September Fear

Hi, hi, hi,
Yes, you brilliant divas, September is here and classes start today in Broughton!
No doubt a lot of you are fearful of the first class.  You’re scrabbling through your memory like Scrappy Doo looking for the reasons why it is that you go to Fitness Divas classes.  Some of you may be considering coming for the first time but fearful of what it entails and whether everyone else will be far fitter than you.  You may even feel as nervous as children going off to their new schools.  I, too, am nervous about starting again but I remember a night this holiday which reminded me why we want to get and stay fit.
We had finished eating in a tiny fishing port and were heading home when we noticed that the one bar in the port had a dj on this Wednesday night and music was just starting up.  We were with another family so we all piled in and within a short time my friend and I were dancing in the bar.  As the bar filled up and more and more people were dancing I put George (my son, not husband!) on my back and jumped to “Jump Around” by I can’t remember who but you’d know the song.  I looked at my friend and me dancing with our children thinking this is what I want to be doing aged 80 and if I have to do a few lunges and a bit of running to stay fit enough then so be it.
The evening ended when my 6 year old asked to anyone who was listening “Please can I go to bed?”.  It seemed that my slack parenting was now bordering on child abuse so we left to find that we’d locked ourselves out of the house.  It was now my turn to climb onto someone’s back and shoulders, pull myself up and shove myself through a cubby hole of an upstairs open bathroom window.  The joke of the holiday became seeing Mum’s bum disappearing into the house!  But I had been the one fit and strong enough to execute the mission! 
I did go to bed a super hero having got us back into the house with my children still thinking I was fun and not embarrassing as will be the case for the next 30 years until I’m a cool Granny!   
We live on a fantastic planet and all we have to do is keep our health and choose how we spend our time here.
Classes will start gently.  Come along, find your fitness so we can all be “Jumping Around” well into our 90’s!


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