So I can feel the Summer-body panic starting!  There were various comments/questions last week about how to sort this or that part of their body out ready for the unveiling in a few weeks time!
So yes, there are ways to blitz yourself for the next few weeks: eat in a very simple way, cut out all fun/indulgence and exercise hard.  No doubt you’d get results.  However, what I can tell you is that in 10 years time you’ll wish you looked the way you do today so love the way you are right now.  Work hard and make changes if you want and perhaps need to for your health but living with a focus on what you don’t like only brings you down and is not the right platform for change.
I was interviewed for a magazine and was asked what was the area of my body I liked most and what was the area I most disliked.  5 years ago I would have just answered the questions very straight forwardly and probably would have struggled with the first part.  Over the years, I’ve been called Amazonian which to me translated to big and masculine.  I’ve had an Indonesian woman wrap both her hands round one of my thighs on a boat somewhere idyllic and gasp at them which, to me, meant they were ugly.  I’ve worked hard to get a waist like my sisters (without joy!) because a smaller waist meant feminine.  I never used to wear anything that exposed my arms and it took me ages to wear a bikini.  All I ever did was hear or see the negative about my body.
This is where I am now; when asked those questions I said that I’ve learned to love my body for what it does for me.  My legs win me races, I could give any mugger a good run for my wallet (!), I’m doing my best against physical and mental disease by exercising regularly and eating well 80% of the time, I can have piggy back races with my children and probably will be the same with my grandchildren, I can have lazy, eat what you like days without guilt, I wear things because I love them, I can drop-kick suitcases into overhead lockers (well, not quite) and would happily lift off any case for someone from the luggage carousel.  I could go on but I think you get my point!
So yes, ideally I probably would like smaller arms, waist and thighs but they’re amazing the way they are for what they do for me and I can’t change them much without serious hard work.  There’s too much fun to be had on this planet in the short time we have so stick with a positive, compassionate energy not a negative, critical one and great things will happen.  I’m off to a wedding tomorrow about which I’m totally over-excited (always a worrying sign!) and I’m wearing a sleeveless dress and will dance all night and I really don’t care about my running sock mark!
Keep regularly moving, eat to nourish yourself and your body will rock!


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