True Friend


I was chatting to a single friend of mine last week and as ever there are things in my life she envies and there are things about her life for which frankly I would gladly kill!  We ended the conversation by agreeing that everyone has their cross to bear (we couldn’t think of a bigger cliche!).  Cliches become cliches because there is truth in them.  In this case I think it’s true to say that there’ll always be one of us having to deal with something stressful in our life at any given point.  I have learnt over the years that the single most consistent thing in my life when it comes to support is exercise.  
No matter what is going on it never fails to give you what you need.  Unlike other props it delivers every time.  No matter your mood before exercise, you will be lifted afterwards.  More importantly, you will have regained perspective and even found a way forward through whatever it is that’s challenging you.  Other things that are relied on in times of stress; people, food, alcohol, shopping are not as foolproof and only ever provide very short term answers.  People sometimes don’t have what you need.  Food messes with your healthy weight.  Alcohol gets you in trouble and makes you feel worse and shopping brings debt.
The kicker is that in times of stress/upset/grief it will be the last thing you want to do. Exercise is our strongest weapon against life’s stresses and yet it’s always the first thing we give up on when things get tough.
Make room for it, it’s your true friend.
See you in the week.  This rain will obviously have stopped by 9.15!


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